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Texturisation Bobbins

Texturisation Bobbins

Our cardboard tubes and cores represent the product selected by the most important textile industry to guarantee maximum performances within their high-speed winding, rewinding or unwinding processes. In texturisation bobbins, the wound and extruded yarn requires a further working in order to improve its volume, flexibility or other elements by means of a series of physical processes or coupling with other yarns.

These processes, called texturisation and twisting, are normally carried out at a speed that reaches 2500/3000 rpm and require tubes with special characteristics as to bobbins for spinning. Polyamide and polyester yarns are the most used yarns in this division.Filaments submitted to texturisation are called stretched filaments when they are characterised by high extensibility (up to 500% as to the normal state), voluminous filaments when voluminosity becomes the leading characteristic, voluminous and extensible filaments when extensibility is that of common textile materials whereas the apparent volume is considerably higher.

The finished product acquires flexibility, voluminosity, smoothness and hiding power. Our company has been collaborating with the market leaders of this division for more than 30 years to offer an excellent product, designed according to the special characteristics of the customer’s process, collaborating in the natural development of the plants and in product innovation.

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