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Textile Bobbins

Textile Bobbins

The extrusion process of the synthetic yarn implies the utilisation of sophisticated technologies that include the heating of resin or plastic mixtures “drawn” through small holes (nozzles); the yard is guided through various “orientation” processes to create specific physical characteristics – the so-called pre-oriented yarn (POY) or fully-oriented yarn (FOY).

The yarn is wound evenly on the cardboard tube (also called bobbin) in such way as to assure an easy unwinding during the following production process.EcoPack was set-up in a district whose industrial origins are typically textile and developed as a support to this activity; in this traditional sector it can pride itself on the best quality/service ratio on the market, offering a reliable product and a constant support to the Customers, interesting for both partners.

Our textile bobbins are used in all the sectors of the division, from the most traditional to the most critical.The most common are set below: High-speed spinning (more than 6000 m/min.), for polyester (PES) and polyamide or nylon (PAM), Texturisation for hosiery factories, fine counts PAM, PES Texturisation and high counts PAM, BCF spinning, polypropylene yarn (PPP) for carpets. Our bobbins are the result of innovation and development that has been characterising us for more than 30 years, exporting with success the excellence of “Made in UAE”.


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