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Rings for Labels and Adhesives Tape

Rings for Labels and Adhesives Tape

These cores are produced to the strictest standards in terms of dimensions, strength characteristics and finish. Thanks to hi-tech cutting machines, we are able to cut the tubes accurately and free of dust, into our customers’ finished lengths. Obviously the cores can also be supplied in longer lengths and cut by the user.The inside of these tubes is grey or white and can be printed with your logo or company name.

Our tape and label cores can be provided with a coloured outer layer if necessary.EcoPack can produce tape cores, rings for polypropylene adhesive tape, PVC, masking paper, special applications and PVC for electrical use. The strict observance of the dimension and the considerable compression that characterise all our production are also clear in these products and characterise them: each ring may be supplied in various shapes and personalisation typical of our production.

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