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High Speed Spinning

High Speed Spinning

Chemical fibres (artificial and synthetic) have been very important for several years supporting natural fibres in all fields of textile applications. The production of chemical fibres is an ongoing spinning process that, starting from the material treated as a plastic mass, is able to obtain ready-to-use yarn bobbins or for other workings.

Another important requirement of modern systems is the possibility of achieving a high linear velocity of the movement of the filament (ca. 8000 rpm that correspond approximately to 300 linear Km/h), in order to obtain high productivity. The first limit in defining this speed is set by the yarn that must avoid breaking and rejects. The machine must overcome technological issues related to balancing problems and mechanical works in general. The modern technology of our tubes has reached excellent levels by achieving a very high productivity, thanks to technologies, profiles and solutions developed for the customers’ dedicated systems, reaching absolute change effectiveness and reducing the typical rejects of these processes.

In connection with the strengthened technological experience, these technologies were renewed in collaboration with the most qualified manufacturers of machines, in order to best meet the requested performance needs. The diversification of available technologies and the developed technological know-how allow EcoPack to offer a wide range of products able to meet the most sophisticated market requirements.

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