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Ground Cores

Ground Cores

For the specific requirements of high-performance winding, EcoPack realised a grinding system to obtain glazed cores with ground surfaces that offer excellent performances in terms of thin film winding.

The obtained surface characteristics, specific of glazed tubes, allow to optimise and improve the rewinding possibilities of plastic and special films and to use them till the last turn.These tubes present a particularly smooth external surface without waviness that derives by approaching external finish papers, especially at the height of the spiral trace between the two cardboard strips.This type of product allows a regular high-performance film winding for what concerns capacity and speed from the beginning of the bobbin eliminating the transmission of the waviness from the inside to the outside of the bobbin.

Easy winding speed and regularity thanks to the excellent surface finish obtained by means of the grinding operation, constant dimensions, high straightness, no eccentricity, high resistance that may be correlated to the requirements of final applications, supply of pre-cut tubes according to utilisation: these are the properties of our tubes as well as low roughness and waviness (no damage occurs to the film approaching the core).

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