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Cores for Plastic Film

Cores for Plastic Film

We optimise your production processes and your film products with our products…: Our expertise in the industry of plastic film and winding in general has been at your service for more than thirty years in order to design and make improvements, resolve problems relevant to processes in the plants, and unblock stalemates within the factories related to product development or new plants.

Very high winding and working speed, constant dimensions, high straightness, high resistance (that may be correlated to the requirements of final applications), no eccentricity, supply of pre-cut tubes according to utilisation, minimum roughness and surface waviness: these are the performances assured by our cores for all polypropylene, PVC, polythene (including extensible films), polyester films, photographic films, coupled films, printed films, films for the food industry and packaging in general.

High technology, combined with the utilisation of selected raw materials, allows to obtain a wide range of products with high mechanical resistance and assures constant and lasting protection.

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