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Products & Application

Products & Application

Cores for Paper Factories

The production of cores for EcoPack represents the most interesting part of production for what concerns volumes and technological know-how. Our spiral cardboard tubes are created with top-quality raw materials in various diameters and lengths and are used on the market for winding up all types of paper: glossy paper, newsprint, printing paper (offset, roto-offset), paper to be undulated (fluting, etc.), packaging paper (kraft, etc.), tissue paper and siliconising paper. EcoPack is able to offer all kinds of tubes according to the customer’s requirements.

Products are strictly checked during all working phases to guarantee the highest quality and the most efficient service. Developed products may endure also very high loads and are very resistant. The produced cores are expressly designed for accomplishing all the requirements of the customer – from classical utilisations to those deriving from the new high-speed equipment and from the last generation printing machines.

Our cores represent the highest quality level present on the market and assure first-rate effectiveness and efficiency thanks to high compression resistance, high straightness, constant diameters and high dynamic resistance in all diameters, thicknesses and lengths (up to 12 meters).

Textile Bobbins

The extrusion process of the synthetic yarn implies the utilisation of sophisticated technologies that include the heating of resin or plastic mixtures “drawn” through small holes (nozzles); the yard is guided through various “orientation” processes to create specific physical characteristics – the so-called pre-oriented yarn (POY) or fully-oriented yarn (FOY).

The yarn is wound evenly on the cardboard tube (also called bobbin) in such way as to assure an easy unwinding during the following production process.EcoPack was set-up in a district whose industrial origins are typically textile and developed as a support to this activity; in this traditional sector it can pride itself on the best quality/service ratio on the market, offering a reliable product and a constant support to the Customers, interesting for both partners.

Our textile bobbins are used in all the sectors of the division, from the most traditional to the most critical.The most common are set below: High-speed spinning (more than 6000 m/min.), for polyester (PES) and polyamide or nylon (PAM), Texturisation for hosiery factories, fine counts PAM, PES Texturisation and high counts PAM, BCF spinning, polypropylene yarn (PPP) for carpets. Our bobbins are the result of innovation and development that has been characterising us for more than 30 years, exporting with success the excellence of “Made in UAE”.

Cores for Plastic Film

We optimise your production processes and your film products with our products…: Our expertise in the industry of plastic film and winding in general has been at your service for more than thirty years in order to design and make improvements, resolve problems relevant to processes in the plants, and unblock stalemates within the factories related to product development or new plants.

Very high winding and working speed, constant dimensions, high straightness, high resistance (that may be correlated to the requirements of final applications), no eccentricity, supply of pre-cut tubes according to utilisation, minimum roughness and surface waviness: these are the performances assured by our cores for all polypropylene, PVC, polythene (including extensible films), polyester films, photographic films, coupled films, printed films, films for the food industry and packaging in general.

High technology, combined with the utilisation of selected raw materials, allows to obtain a wide range of products with high mechanical resistance and assures constant and lasting protection.

Texturisation Bobbins

Our cardboard tubes and cores represent the product selected by the most important textile industry to guarantee maximum performances within their high-speed winding, rewinding or unwinding processes. In texturisation bobbins, the wound and extruded yarn requires a further working in order to improve its volume, flexibility or other elements by means of a series of physical processes or coupling with other yarns.

These processes, called texturisation and twisting, are normally carried out at a speed that reaches 2500/3000 rpm and require tubes with special characteristics as to bobbins for spinning. Polyamide and polyester yarns are the most used yarns in this division.Filaments submitted to texturisation are called stretched filaments when they are characterised by high extensibility (up to 500% as to the normal state), voluminous filaments when voluminosity becomes the leading characteristic, voluminous and extensible filaments when extensibility is that of common textile materials whereas the apparent volume is considerably higher.

The finished product acquires flexibility, voluminosity, smoothness and hiding power. Our company has been collaborating with the market leaders of this division for more than 30 years to offer an excellent product, designed according to the special characteristics of the customer’s process, collaborating in the natural development of the plants and in product innovation.

Ground Cores

For the specific requirements of high-performance winding, EcoPack realised a grinding system to obtain glazed cores with ground surfaces that offer excellent performances in terms of thin film winding.

The obtained surface characteristics, specific of glazed tubes, allow to optimise and improve the rewinding possibilities of plastic and special films and to use them till the last turn.These tubes present a particularly smooth external surface without waviness that derives by approaching external finish papers, especially at the height of the spiral trace between the two cardboard strips.This type of product allows a regular high-performance film winding for what concerns capacity and speed from the beginning of the bobbin eliminating the transmission of the waviness from the inside to the outside of the bobbin.

Easy winding speed and regularity thanks to the excellent surface finish obtained by means of the grinding operation, constant dimensions, high straightness, no eccentricity, high resistance that may be correlated to the requirements of final applications, supply of pre-cut tubes according to utilisation: these are the properties of our tubes as well as low roughness and waviness (no damage occurs to the film approaching the core).

High Speed Spinning

Chemical fibres (artificial and synthetic) have been very important for several years supporting natural fibres in all fields of textile applications. The production of chemical fibres is an ongoing spinning process that, starting from the material treated as a plastic mass, is able to obtain ready-to-use yarn bobbins or for other workings.

Another important requirement of modern systems is the possibility of achieving a high linear velocity of the movement of the filament (ca. 8000 rpm that correspond approximately to 300 linear Km/h), in order to obtain high productivity. The first limit in defining this speed is set by the yarn that must avoid breaking and rejects. The machine must overcome technological issues related to balancing problems and mechanical works in general. The modern technology of our tubes has reached excellent levels by achieving a very high productivity, thanks to technologies, profiles and solutions developed for the customers’ dedicated systems, reaching absolute change effectiveness and reducing the typical rejects of these processes.

In connection with the strengthened technological experience, these technologies were renewed in collaboration with the most qualified manufacturers of machines, in order to best meet the requested performance needs. The diversification of available technologies and the developed technological know-how allow EcoPack to offer a wide range of products able to meet the most sophisticated market requirements.

Other Tubes

Apart from standard products, our range also includes special tubes according to customer requirements, with variable characteristics and dimensions: spiral tubes and containers for various utilisations; tubes for special papers and graphic industries and paper and cardboard industries; tubes provided with special caps for firework industries and mail shipping, poster; tubes for the building industry and tubes with big diameters in different thicknesses and quality.

Rings for Labels and Adhesives Tape

These cores are produced to the strictest standards in terms of dimensions, strength characteristics and finish. Thanks to hi-tech cutting machines, we are able to cut the tubes accurately and free of dust, into our customers’ finished lengths. Obviously the cores can also be supplied in longer lengths and cut by the user.The inside of these tubes is grey or white and can be printed with your logo or company name.

Our tape and label cores can be provided with a coloured outer layer if necessary.EcoPack can produce tape cores, rings for polypropylene adhesive tape, PVC, masking paper, special applications and PVC for electrical use. The strict observance of the dimension and the considerable compression that characterise all our production are also clear in these products and characterise them: each ring may be supplied in various shapes and personalisation typical of our production.

Photography – Medical Imaging – Graphical Industry

EcoPack takes the greatest care over producing the right tube for winding photographic paper or film. These dust-free tubes are characterised by their special construction and finish and their dimensional stability.

They are dried in accordance with strict procedures so as to guarantee an ideal humidity equilibrium. For the finish of the outer layer we have various possibilities:providing the outside with a smooth barrier material in order to avoid any possible harmful vapours affecting photosensitive material. In addition the material provides a smooth surface.providing the outside with a soft paper, which ensures that the material to be wound is not marked by the tube.


These tubes are used as coiling cores for metal sheet, strip and wire products. Their composition is always dependant on the demands placed on the application.EcoPack produces a complete range of cores with internal diameters from 30 to 600 mm.

The tubes are cut, dust and burr free, to the customer’s finished lengths (from 10 to 6,000 mm) on the most technologically advanced cutting machines.If necessary, the exterior can be provided with a softer, recyclable layer of paper felt. This avoids causing marks on the material to be wound. The inside can be printed with your company name, logo and/or some other reference by way of identification.

Floor Coverings

For problem-free winding of woven or tufted floor covering, we have a very wide range of machinery for parallel tubes of lengths up to 5200 mm. These tubes are available with or without a flap.For floor coverings based on vinyl or other plastics or made from natural materials, we are able to offer a complete range of tubes, both parallel and spiral wound.ECOPACK has a long tradition of producing this type of tube and can also claim Europe’s biggest floor covering manufacturers among its regular clientele.

Mailing Tube or Packing Tube

Clear mailing tubes are an ideal packaging alternative for increasing response rates on direct mail pieces or simply adding to the aesthetic appeal.

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